Paint It Black

When you think of edgy, what do you think? Does your mind go straight to studs and leather? Maybe a classic rock band, like The Rolling Stones, are your first thoughts. Today I want to share my secrets on how to “paint it black” without taking the literal route. With some simple fabrications and strategic styling moves, edge can be redefined.

Paint It Black Paint It Black

With the winter season coming up, everyone tends to retreat to everything black. It’s their “edgy” amour to the chilly times. Not that there is anything wrong with a straight black outfit, but I wanted to demonstrate that edgy comes in all shapes and sizes. Edge is owned in the beholder of the stylist. Just through fabrication alone, a pair of ripped up jeans can add a simple edge to any look. To take the edge up a notch, these Zara splattered jeggings are a knock out piece. With the splatter print and the frayed rips, anything paired with these jeans would encompass a killer outfit.

Paint It Black Paint It Black Paint It Black

In order help harness our edgy obsession, it’s a great idea to offset the look with a feminine piece. By adding these Topshop velvet, block heels, the outfit becomes the perfect mix of hard and soft design elements. This mix of styles is a huge trend right now, as well as velvet. So really, you are killing three birds with one stone. I am obsessed with these velvet, buckle heels! For one reason they are so comfy. I wore them walking around Chicago for College Fashion Week and never had any irritation, pain, or blisters. Secondly, people mistook these beauties as vintage. Yes, I wish they were, but that just shows how hip and timeless they are.

Paint It Black Paint It Black Paint It Black

To complement this hard and soft look, it’s a good idea to keep the rest of your outfit simple. I topped off this outfit with this comfy, cropped sweater from Topshop. This not only pairs up with hard design elements, but the soft ones as well. For obvious reasons, the knit fabric complements the soft side of the trend. The sides of the sweater have a fun pop of color and contribute a subtle element of edge. With the sides slit, it adds a similar slice of edginess to the rips in the jeans. The contrasting, blue trim also allows for the look to diversify itself from the head-to-toe all black look.

Paint It Black Paint It Black Paint It Black

Finish off the look by styling from either sides of the trend. Since the sweater is simpler, this choker from an Etsy Shop called LoulasCorner is the perfect statement piece of jewelry. It completely balances out the look from the print on the bottoms and the simplicity of the top. Give the owner, Lexie, a shoutout for me and definitely check out her store! Finish off the look with a fun and colorful pair of shades to match the sides of the sweater. Mine are from Westward Leaning and you can find them at Nordstroms. You have now successfully mastered the art of  “painting it black”, but in a more interesting and not so stereotypical way!

Sweater|Topshop Jeans|Zara Choker|LoulasCorner Shoes|Topshop (Black) (Lace) Purse|Cole Haan (Storm Cloud- Sold Out) (Chestnut) (Sea Blue) (Ivory-Black) Shades|Westward Leaning Lipstick|MAC in Fashion Revival (Limited Edition) (similar in Rebel) (similar in Dark Side)

P.S. Happy Election Day! I hope you all exercise your right to vote today. Get out there and go vote!
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