Couture Costumes: Karl Lagerfeld

Couture Costumes: Karl Lagerfeld

With all this “Karl Who?” content going on, it gave CIC the perfect opportunity to provide you with the greatest fashion Halloween costume. Karl Lagerfeld is the iconic designer and creative director behind Chanel, Fendi, and even his own brand! His sleek, simple, and classic style has provided the perfect opportunity to put together an easy costume for next weekend. Not only can you find all of these pieces in your closet, but everyone will easily recognize that you are the man, Karl Lagerfeld. If you think I’m crazy, even Kendall Jenner thinks he is the perfect person to be for Halloween.

Couture Costumes: Karl Lagerfeld Couture Costumes: Karl Lagerfeld

To start off, Karl Lagerfeld is known for his black and white color scheme. There’s something intriguing about such a simple wardrobe, that it actually stands out. No matter his look, the pieces he wears should be in everyone’s wardrobe! Even if you get the pieces for Halloween, you still have many uses for them after the holiday. As a base, he always seems to keep it timeless with a white button-down shirt. To accessorize, he again wears either a black or white tie. Instead of a tie, I decided to put a modern twist on the costume and put a current trend to use.

Couture Costumes: Karl Lagerfeld Couture Costumes: Karl Lagerfeld Couture Costumes: Karl Lagerfeld

Graphic tees have been an essential basic for fall and he has been popularly recognized for his. I thought it was only suitable to incorporate one into the look. I got mine at Saks Off Fifth and they are currently are having a huge designer sale. Check them out in store if you can, though. There seems to be a completely different and more intense selection in stores. You can also DIY your own, “Karl Who?”, shirt for a more affordable option. You can even go with no graphic tee and you can rep a tie or even a necklace.

Couture Costumes: Karl LagerfeldCouture Costumes: Karl Lagerfeld Couture Costumes: Karl Lagerfeld

When it comes to the tweed jacket, I wanted to specifically incorporate tweed into the look. He is known for black and white jackets and Chanel is known for tweed jackets. Therefore, I though this black and white tweed jacket from his line was the perfect touch. I again got mine on sale from Saks Off Fifth and I highly recommend you get one. It’s such a timeless piece and it makes me feel like such a classy lady. To modern it up a bit, I plan of pairing it with denim when I’m not wearing it as a costume.

Couture Costumes: Karl Lagerfeld Couture Costumes: Karl Lagerfeld Couture Costumes: Karl Lagerfeld

As for the rest of the outfit, I kept it very simple and black. Depending on the weather, you can wear pants or shorts. I styled the look with some faux, leather shorts just to add a more masculine feel to the look. To wrap the entire look together, make sure to wear your hair in a ponytail with a black bow, chunky black shades, and some fingerless black gloves. I completely brain farted on the gloves, so I completely apologize for the whoops. Regardless, these three final touches are the his signature. Don’t let him down! Let me know if you end up being this talented and classy fashion icon! I would love to see your interpretation of Karl Lagerfeld!

Tweed Jacket|Karl Lagerfeld/Saks Off Fifth (similar) (similar) (similar) Graphic Tee|Karl Lagerfeld/Saks Off Fifth (check out your local store, because they have different shirts online) (similar- Etsy) (similar- Etsy) (similar- Etsy) Button-down|The Limited (similar- Target) Faux Leather Shorts|Nordstrom (similar- Shein) Shoes|Nordstrom (similar) (similar) (similar) Purse|Chanel (similar- BCBG Paris/TJMaxx) (similar- Rebecca Minkoff) Shades|Quay Australia (similar) (similar) Earrings|Etsy (similar) (similar) (similar) Lipstick|Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Atlantic City (similar- ABH Liquid Lipstick in American Doll) 

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