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Welcome! I’m Bryanna, the author of Coming in Clutch. I am a Cincinnati native, style-and-beauty blogger, assistant stylist (certified and legit), dog loving, and lipstickĀ fiend.

I graduated from Kent State University from the Fashion School, which is the top fashion school in the United States outside of NY. I graduated with a BS in Fashion Merchandising with an emphasis on business and fashion media. I also was a Kent State cheerleader all four years I lived there. If you are ever interested in going to Kent State or a fashion school, please feel free to email me at if you ever have any questions! It was the best four year of my life! #flashesforever

Upon graduating, I have been in route to finding a big girl job and that’s when I became a certified stylist from School of Style. I realized then that my passion is fueled through the creativity of styling. Nothing brings me more excitement than the transformation of people’s confidence through clothes.

Furthermore, I am an avid collector of makeup and all things beauty related. I find myself at ease when I’m in the presence of makeup… I know so strange šŸ˜‰ With my huge collection of makeup, I figured it has to go to more use than just on my face. That’s why I decided to make Coming in Clutch a style + beauty blog.

I’m so glad you found your way here, because I can’t wait to chat with you! I post every Tuesday and Thursday, with some surprise posts here and there. Thanks so much for all your love and support and please feel free to reach out and chat with me whenever you wish!

A Culotte Matata: Means No Worries


My goal for Coming in Clutch is to be the provider of all your fashion + beauty related questions. Whether you need some inspiration on what to wear for a date, or don’t understand which lipstick shade is best for you, I hope CIC will become your go-to fashion guide for all your creative questions. Fashion and beauty should be fun! I’m here to help relieve some stress and to guide you towards the style that encompasses you! CIC is also here to keep you updated on the newest trends on all things pertaining to fashion + beauty. These two worlds are fast-paced, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and hold on tight! You’re about to embark on an adventure where you will always come in clutch.

Don’t be shy though! Drop a comment on Instagram, tweet me something ridiculously amazing, or send your love on Facebook. Coming in Clutch is all about helping each other out, while always remaining clutch.

Questions, comments, concerns? Shoot me an Email!


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