12 Things To Do This Summer For Yourself

When you think of the summer, do you think of filling up your calendar with adventurous days with your friends? A trip to the lake, a weekend in the city, or a pool day with some buddies just consumes your brain? As we get older, it’s getting harder and harder to correlate with everyone’s work schedules. TBH, the adult life sucks so far… At times, I find it miraculous if I can get a group of people to go to dinner, non the less a concert. I had a thought, though. Maybe I should let the universe take care of those adventures, and perhaps I should put more energy into improving myself. Once you are at your best, the universe follows suit. Today, I’m sharing 12 things to do this summer for yourself.

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1) Clean Out Your Closet

Usually the Spring is the time to do this, but I always feel that I have more time in the summer. Is it just me? Plus, I mean I hate cleaning… I like to push it off for as long as possible. As a blogger (and girl), my closet is overflowing with clothes. Many that I haven’t touched in years. Clean out your closet this summer, and that way you have more room to bring in more clothes. hehe.

2) Reorganize

And I mean everything you can think of! From your closet to your computer files, or your blog content to the layout of your room; my life just feels more on track when I reorganize. Plus, the change of flow and scenery really helps spark inspiration.

3) Make Goals For Yourself

I’m going to start making goals for my blog. For example, where I want to be in a month, or the types of events I dream to go to. Once you write those goals down, you are putting them into the universe. Plus, the more you write them, the more you will memorize these goals. It’s like a test. The more you study and memorize the facts, the better you do. Treat your goals like a test that you have to pass, and soon enough they will come true.

4) Make a Summer Reading List

I used to be really good about reading. It allows you to step outside of your life, while elevating your vocabulary. After reading a shocking ZERO books last year, I am extremely embarrassed by my lack of reading. Therefore, I’m making it a point to actually read this summer. My go-to books are actually audio books, because you can listen to them while you do anything. It’s like killing time, but in the best way possible. Audible.com and I couldn’t be tighter.


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5) Stay Informed

Nothing degrades you more than not being aware of the world events around you. Really our generation is ruining it for the rest of us. Yes it would be perfect to sit down and read the newspaper or WWD (as I really should…) every morning. Although, our lives are very busy. I have the perfect solution for us, busy bees! It’s an app called the Skimm. Everyday it weeds through all the daily news, and provides you with the good stuff. Plus, their writing style is super relatable and humorous at times. Save yourself some trouble at your next dinner meeting and download the Skimm.

6) Listen to Podcasts

This has by far been my favorite thing to do this month. I have been OBSESSED with Not Too Deep with Grace HelbigI find myself constantly laughing out loud, and she always brings in current Youtube/Media Influencers to discuss their lives on humorous terms. If you are a blogger, vlogger, or anything ogger, definitely check out this podcast. Or really if you just like to laugh, just download it now… Regardless, whatever you are looking to improve upon, there’s a podcast for it! I’ve also really been loving:

Social Media Zoom Factor with Pam Moore

Almost 30

That’s So Retrograde

7) Go On a Spontaneous Roadtrip

If you’ve been following me on my IG story, you would have seen that Ben, my boyfriend, and I just went on a spontaneous road trip. He was originally in CA hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, but decided it wasn’t the year to do it. So instead of him just flying home, we both flew out to San Antonio, Texas to start a new adventure. We really wanted to cover places where we had never been before, and wouldn’t really think to go. We also didn’t want to plan this out. Instead, we took the trip by day and left the adventure up to the road trip gods. From San Antonio, to New Orleans, to Gulf Shores, and to Atlanta, this trip was by far the best part of my year so far. Get out there and don’t plan! Take a spontaneous road trip!

8) Travel Somewhere New

They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Why not put it to the test? summer is the perfect time to travel, and who doesn’t want to add a new pin to your traveling map? Whether it’s out of the country or a couple hours away, get out there and explore the world! It really adds so much depth and perspective to life. What’s on your list of places to visit this summer? I’m crossing my fingers for the Dominican Republic!


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9) Be a Tourist in Your Own City

I get it though, traveling can be pretty pricey. I completely understand if a long road trip or a voyage across the pond isn’t an option right now. That shouldn’t restrict you, though! Take this time to really explore your own city. Find those hidden, hole-in-the-wall, gems! Investigate those cute neighborhoods that you’ve always wondered about. You’d be surprised what you can discover in the comfort of your own city.

10) Maintain a Consistant Workout Schedule

Everyone loves to look their best, especially in the summer. Am I Right? Gotta get that beach bod perfect! Although, that’s not exactly what I mean by this. Working out for me is all about staying healthy. It’s not about achieving that KimK booty, or some rock solid abs, but keeping your body active and on course. Plus, it gives you a little more leeway to enjoy the food you actually really want to eat. Don’t do it for the body image, but do it for your health.

11) Treat Yourself!

Have a spa day at home, or relax with a good book (or a new Netflix show, LBH). Sometime’s you just have to give your skin, mind, and body a pampering. There’s nothing wrong with that!

12) Spend More Time With Family

I always love going on adventures, having a pool day, or just enjoying the amazing weather that the summer brings us. Although, nothing beats the time you spend with your family. Not going to lie, they can be obnoxious, overwhelming, and completely lame at some points. At the end of the day though, they are the only people that will always have my back. When I actually think about it, the things I love most about the summer are Sunday night cookouts, vacation, and the absurd conversations that my family comes up with. This summer, really take the time to spend it with your family or rekindle that relationship.



From getting organized to maintaining that education, going on adventures to enjoying time with loved ones, each of these things will really benefit you this summer. If you have any book, podcast, destination, tips, or product recommendations that will amp up this summer, let me know! Plus, I’m sure the rest of us are dying to hear! Let’s help each other make the most of this season, and cheers to the beginning of the summer!

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  1. June 14, 2017 / 11:27 am

    You’ve got so many great ideas here. I love the idea of a summer reading list (bookworm over here) and going on a spontaneous roadtrip! I gotta make that one happen soon! These are all so awesome though!!

  2. June 14, 2017 / 5:49 pm

    This is such a great list and full of things I have on my to do list. Your road trip sounds like it was so fun!

  3. Iliana Garcia
    June 15, 2017 / 12:01 am

    Yes! I want to start filling up my calendar with adventures – in fact I just finished jotting down all the events/trips for July and I feel like I need more!

    I need to start doing number 6 and 10. I don’t think I’ve listen to a podcast and I’ve been seeing them a lot lately. A few of my followers have started one and I may just need to pick one 🙂
    As for #10 I need to start being more consistent with my workout/gym routine because I have been super inconsistent lately.

    Now can we talk about your pineapple bag and sandals? They’re both super adorable. The crossbody adds a playful touch and I mean who doesn’t like pineapple haha

    Iliana | http://www.sophisticatedfashionista.com

  4. June 17, 2017 / 9:58 pm

    I love love love this list. I finally sat down and made a list of books I’d like to read this summer. I have so missed reading!

  5. June 20, 2017 / 6:25 pm

    Loving all your ideas! I recently did a huge closet purge and agree it was the perfect timing! We experienced somewhere new on our summer vacation and also took a spontaneous road trip last weekend. Both were so fun! I’m currently treating myself to a manni/pedi! Hope your having a great summer. I plan to do some more things on your list.

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